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Karen L. Scales


Hi, I'm Karen L. Scales and I believe there is so much more to you than anybody knows.  I am a coach, speaker and author.


I believe that all of us have potential that yearns to come to the surface and express itself but sometimes  we need a nudge, someone to come along side and help, to encourage or push us to become ALL that we can be. My own journey has equipped me to help bring OUT the best IN YOU!


Wisdom Speaks Now was birthed for that purpose - to intentionally add value to the lives of others through God's grace and truth.


Wisdom Speaks Now offers motivational and inspirational speaking presentations along with workshops, in addition to ebooks, videos, audio downloads, blog posts etc. which will motivate people to take action and make progress in fulfilling their career goals and personal or spiritual ambitions. 


The idea of Wisdom Speaks Now  was formed when I was widowed and had to re-invent myself from a stay-at-home mother of four, to the single head of household and provider. 


After graduating with a Masters degree in Computer Science I began speaking to groups of women in transition, sharing encouragement and techniques to succeed.

Today, I am a  faith-based coach and consultant and I serve women who are in TRANSITION. They want or have been pushed into a life-change.

I support them in stepping into their NEXT season by helping them to:

1. Discover their Brilliance 

2. Value their Contribution

3. Activate their gifts 

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