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I'm  excited to connect with you and help withdraw all that God has deposited inside of you - it's already in you!  


Lets explore the truth of God and share experiences as you discover His dream for your life and bring to life the dreams, abilities, talents and purpose that lay quietly within you waiting for you to awaken them or take it to the next level.



In the workshop "How to Ressurrect Your Dreams" you will recognize your potential, brainstorm ideas and get feedback from other participants.


Finally, you will set goals in place, which is the beginning of making your dream a reality. Step by step you map out the activities that will take you from HERE to THERE

Public Speaking

​​I'm available to speak for group gatherings or women's events as well as church gatherings.


If you are interested in connecting with me for the purpose of speaking to your group, please contact me by filling out the Speaker Invitation form.



Most of the time, to bring out the best that is already in you, all you need is someone to challenge you. A person who is not afraid to speak the truth in love.


A nudge from someone to whom you are accountable can result in you moving to the next level of your destiny.


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